MongoDB 2.0 Upgrade

We’ve spent the past few weeks diligently upgrading many of our databases to Mongo 2.0. The big news is that next we are upgrading all of our free plans next week. Save the date:

Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011 at 8:00am PST

Why Are We Upgrading?

MongoDB 2.0 includes significant improvements that we wish to provide our customers (and, frankly, to use ourselves). We also wanted to ensure all of the kinks were worked out before rolling out a wide-scale release.

Here are some of the highlights of the 2.0 release:

  • Faster/Smaller Indexes: Indexes are on average 25% smaller and 25% faster.
  • Concurrency Improvements: MongoDB will now, in certain cases, yield a write lock when having to go to disk for information… increasing query performance
  • New query options: better multi-line regex and a new $and operator.
  • New Geospatial Features: You can now use $within queries for polygonal shapes. This is great for odd polygons like counties in a state.
  • Compact Command: allows you to compact individual collections in a database without having to repair the entire database.
  • ReplicaSet Improvements: If you have a ReplicaSet plan, more system stability via more nuanced mongod communications.
  • More: For more information, read the 10gen release on MongoDB 2.0.

Upgrading Drivers

For the most part, your existing drivers running against MongoDB 1.8 should still function after this upgrade. However, this is still an architectural change, and we highly recommend you test your code against your own MongoDB 2.0.2 server.

Furthermore, we recommend upgrading your drivers or Object Document Mappers to newer versions, if you can, to ensure you can take full advantage of the MongoDB 2.0 features.


If you have questions about the upgrade, please contact us at We are happy to assist you to ensure you are prepared.